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low rates

here at nicks quick computer fix , we strive on making computer repairs/computer online services and sales affordable for everyone at an easy to find location that is all about a great customer experience. We are here to help you. How were able to do this is strength in numbers. We are also working with major companies like Nvidia,Amd, Ebay, Amazon, and partnering up with them to get the parts you want to buy or need as a replacement at an affordable price. Here at Nicks quick computer fix, you will always pay what we pay on parts. 

custom customer expierience

Here were not reading from any script and have multiple purchasing options and will work with our customers.

Honest customer services

We strive on making sure that every customer is aware of all options and will not throw extra unneeded charges, as well as on any repairs, you pay what we pay on any parts replaced , all you do is pay for installation and shipping cost plus a flat rate repair charge.

Affordable computer solutions

   Were not all about being flashy, or trying to blow smoke. We are a down to earth business with the average person in mind, not their wallets. That's the best part of what we do, making sure that every one can afford to repair their computers or electronics , or to buy or sell . I have been doing this for years and the most annoying part was when something broke you would have to spend more money then what the device is worth, here at Nicks quick computer fix, I not only will give you a fair price of $30 flat rate (excluding parts/replacements), if the parts would make it not worth it, I would tell you before even proceeding and let you decide on what you want to do. I dont believe in just taking a repair just to get a sale, i provide this service so the average person can afford to enjoy life and not have their wallet crushed.

      My policy is quantity, the more people that we take care of the more people will spread the word. So even if you dont have a need for a repair, tell your family and friends. Together we can make a difference and keep things affordable. 


Distance is not an issue

The best part about technology is, We don't have to be close to fix your computer, with windows remote assistance we can help you any where in the world. Need a virus removed and live 1,000 miles away, not a problem we can help fix that. There is no issue to big or too small that we won't help with. Need help setting up your network ,give us a call. We are here to take the headaches away from dealing with your computers. Just schedule your appointment today.

Why you should work with us?

We are real people just like you, not a big corporation, we know the struggles of everyday life, from being a parent or being to busy with work. We are here for you. You're not just a number to us, and that's why with us you will always have more of a personal experience with us then some major store. Also one thing we offer that no one else does, is 24 hour emergency computer assistance. I know what its like to be doing that huge report, or important email, or being in the middle of that epic new video game and your stuff just dies. So at Nicks quick computer fix we are here for YOU.

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